2009 - TAT Vintage Ride - Eastern Section

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Post by makotosun » Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:07 pm

I would have to chime in here. I agree with Baok that the whole point of the ride is THE RIDE. It is great fun to rebuild these old girls, troubleshooting, upgrading, customizing, etc. But it all comes back to the ride.

The TAT and other such adventure rides are simply a means to an end - to ride the bikes in an atmosphere that is as close to what they were designed for as can be had 30 years after the fact. Despite land closures, 2-stroke political incorrectness and the like, we still have a ton of places we are allowed by the powers that be to go ride. Offroad. In the desert and trees. We are very lucky compared to our brethren across the pond.

Time is the one thing no one has much control over. It passes all too fast. Adventure riding will be some of the best return on investment on an investment of life currency you will ever spend. If you have the time now, use it to the fullest and go riding. Once you get back to work, you won't have time. The real truth is that we have all done some major work on our TAT bikes, but the basics are pretty much unchanged. Lots of whiz bang racks, extra fuel, fancy chains - none of which are required. The main thing you need is time.

Every hour you spend in the saddle of your old bike, communing with nature and leaving a nice carbon footprint in the backcountry will most likely add two of them to your life expectancy, so long as you don't break a collar bone or some other such injury :rolleyes:.

The forgoing rant is of course just my humble opinion, even if it is 100% accurate [ok]
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Post by dman » Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:59 pm

My, aren't we all waxing philosophical these days makes me want to read "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" again. not that I understood it the first time.....
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