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Post by RCTID » Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:29 pm

Tunnelratt wrote:Just finished one up, SoCal area, here is the path I took.

Bought the bike, took the vin# to DMV asked politely if they could check the vin as I was considering purchasing the bike, it came back "out of the system" I asked what paperwork was needed, they handed me a form to fill out, I filled it out, they took $99.00 from me and gave me a form that has to be filled out by CHP, you call CHP and ask for an appointment, you take the date they offer, then call around to other CHP offices to see if you can get a better date, in my case, the first one was the best, load your bike on the scheduled date, the CHP officer comes out, has a look at the bike, asks a couple questions if there is reason, goes back inside, runs a vin check, comes out with the form signed.

These guys are cool, they are car and bike guys, they are not trying to get you.

You then take the signed form back to DMV, they finish the paperwork, in my case they issued a temp registration as I wanted to retain the original plate, 2 weeks later the tags and title show up at your mail box, I stuck the tags on the original plate. Done

Its really not that bad, just time consuming going back and forth

DMV doesn't do the Vin check, CHP does
Auto Club wont do motorcycles that show "out of the system"

Just follow the path that DMV tells you.

I even had the original title, but it didnt matter, the bike was out of the system, the DMV disregarded the original title and ran it as if it didnt exist
Any idea if the process is the same for Oregon? I've been to the DMV and it doesn't show up in their system which I think confused them. They told me to go check in washington, california and even idaho...? Is there something specific I could ask them for? Maybe the form you filled out after your vin didn't show up and the form you took the the highway patrol?
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Post by daxiongmao » Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:41 pm

tunnel ..... sounds like you had good contacts in the DMV & CHP - I'm an Examiner for the Calif DMV... trust me... YMMV depending on who you get... there are lots of non-bike & car people [o-o] Randy
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Post by lha » Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:11 pm

The ladies[they are all women here] just go about their business and whip out a title sheet for you to fill out,basically taking your word that it's not stolen. Of course,on the bottom of this page,where you sign,it states the statute that you violate if you give false statements. There was no inspection done for engine or frame#s. lha
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Post by Tunnelratt » Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:35 pm

Maybe its my good looks and honest face......:eek:

Seriously, have no idea what other states are like but I have always been the type that hits the DMV with a request like" I really don't know how to go about doing this can you help me?" doesn't always make it quick but the path becomes visible.

I interact with a bunch of Honda guys as well on a similar motorcycle site, this question ALWAYS comes up and there seems to be a consensus that you register the bike in Vermont, you can do it on line and they send you a plate and registration, then you wait a bit and head to your DMV, the DMV seems to know what to do at that point. I have never heard of a problem.

As a matter of fact I used to run rally cars and almost all of the big teams ran Vermont plates, the Subies they had were nowhere near stock but the Vermont plate made them legal so they could run them on surface streets .

Vermont DMV has a website and it seems pretty straight forward how to do it
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