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A follow-up:

I was able to find a relatively cheap front wheel and brake off of a later DT250 on eBay, and with just a little effort got it fitted. The axle is the same diameter, the backing plate keys into the forks, and the 21" wheel fits under the fender without issue if a 3.00 tire is used. You do need to switch to a later brake cable, and I found it necessary to make a cable guide to attach to the forks. The cable goes up and over the instruments, but doesn't obscure anything important.

So is it better? Yes, but not by a huge amount. It is easier to hold the bike on a hill when stopped and control over what little stoping power there is has marginally improved, but on the whole it probably wasn't enough of an improvement to justify the effort. I suspect if I were to replace the rim with a 19" unit braking would be further improved, but at this point I think I would rather attempt to fit a full width DLS unit. If I come upon an RD250 brake I'll see if that can be made to work... of course, it would need a larger rim fitted.

The real issue here is probably one of expectations and not design- I own too many modern machines with really, really good brakes. No matter what I do this poor old bike will NEVER stop as well as something with twin radial discs.
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Default Thanx!

Thanks for the update. Nice to know.
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