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How To Post Your Required Introductory Post
In response to spamming, this site requires an Introductory post in this thread......
Post an Introduction

AFTER you register, you will need to visit thethread (link above) and post a little about yourself and your interests in the Vintage Yamahas.

Once you do that (and the post is accepted) your account will automatically be upgraded within 24 hours by the system. You should wait at least 24 hours before you ask for assistance because it can take that long for the system to upgrade you so that you can post.
If for some reason you need IMMEDIATE access, you can become a supporting member by making a donation of $10 or more and then contacting the admin to immediately approve your introduction. Otherwise, please give the sysetm 24 hours to do it automatically.

If you have tried this, waited 24 hours and still cannot post, you can contact admin@YamahaEnduro.com

Note that contacting the admin or moderators BEFORE the 24 hours will not be met with enthusiasm.

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