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I did not receive the Confirmation Email? Now What?
If you did not receive the Confirmation email, you will not be able to complete registration. *** A-O-L Members *** You will not be able to complete registration until you send an email to AOL requesting that AOL allow emails from admin@yamahaenduro.com AOL is very quirky. You can request the confirmation email be sent again by using this link.... Send Another Conformation Email Now
The Email functions for this site are checked daily and rarely ever have issues. The most likely cause for not receiving a Registration Confirmation email is your ISP or a spam filter on your computer or local network. Unfortunately, the Admin nor the Moderators are able to troubleshoot your computer issues for you. Please carefully check your Spam filters and set them to allow emails from admin@yamahaenduro.com
Depending on your level of computer knowledge, you may need to ask for help from a friend or the GeekSquad etc or contact your ISP.
Do Not write the Admin or Moderators asking for an exemption to Email Confirmation.
This is a Spam prevention feature and asking to bypass this will be regarded with suspicion.
If you cannot use an email address where you can receive a verification email, then you cannot join the community.

Members who have financially supported the community are allowed to ask the Admin for assistance.

User Maintenance
This section contains lots of information about maintaining your own user profile, avatars and browsing options etc.

General Forum Usage

Reading and Posting Messages

Forum Rules & Guidelines

The Moderators of this forum and it's members cannot be held liable for any losses or damages, express or implied, that may result from heeding such "advice" or "recommendations" from this forum.

The moderator(s) and members of this forum are not professional Yamaha service personnel (unless specifically stated) and give free information to the best of their knowledge.

Before heeding any advice involving any concern for safety or property, please consult an authorized Yamaha Dealer or properly trained service professional.

Use of the forum constitutes your agreement that you have read and understand this and agree to hold harmless all admins, moderators and all members from any and all legal encumbrances.

Periodically to maintain web site security, YamahaEnduro.com will send you an email. The primary purpose of this email is to VERIFY that your account has a valid email address. By joining this forum, you agree to maintain a valid email address and agree that we may periodically (3-4 times per year) send an email to your email address. If the email bounces back, the account will be deleted. You may subsequently be required to pay a Subscription fee of $10.00 to re-join the community. The email may contain pertinent information such as upcoming events or other information. It may contain information about other parts of the site that we are promoting and or site related promotions. Again, only 3-4 times PER YEAR.

If you use a service that blocks spam, it is your responsibility to add admin@YamahaEnduro.com to your "allowed" list ahead of time. I cannot take the time to answer email challenges. If email sent to you and it is challenged, your account will be disabled or deleted and you may have to pay a subscription fee to re-join. Members with over 1000 posts or who make monetary contributions are exempted from any subscription requirement.

* * * MEMBERSHIP * * * The Administrator of this site reserves the right to ban any member at any time for any reason without notice. Posts that are considered rude, of an objectionable nature, critical or of any nature deemed inappropriate by the Administrator, may result in being banned from the site. Members MAY criticize the Administrator of the community in a Private Message sent solely to the Administrator. I do not ban anyone for their private criticism or objections.


Banner Advertising is available on YamahaEnduro.com

A front page banner ad is $40.00 / month.
A subpage banner ad is $20.00 / month.
Minimum 2 month run.
Banner Ad size is 150 x 300 pixels.

YamahaEnduro.com requires persons interested in Selling or Advertising commercially to get prior approval from the Administrator.

"Commercial" selling is defined as anyone selling new or used items either as a business, or personally any time there is more than one of the item available or the INTENT to sell more than one of the same item is present regardless of the use of any proceeds. You may, without permission, sell any personal items or items pulled from your own motorcycles or purchased elsewhere as long as you are not manufacturing the item or intend to sell as a business. If in doubt, please contact the administrator before posting. The exception is EnduroBAY. You may post commercial sales items on EnduroBAY without permission. You may not advertise that items are posted on EnduroBAY on the FORUM without prior permission unless it is one of a kind and you will not be offering another of it's kind within 6 months. However, items that compete with items offered by the forum ownership are subject to censure.
ENDUROBAY is the OFFICIAL parts sales venue for YamaEnduro.com. Not the forum. Due to numerous complaints from membership about abuses in the FOR SALE area of the forum, items posted on the forum MUST also be listed on EnduroBAY. Like ebay, posting parts on EnduroBAY is a COMMITMENT to sell an item and an offer to buy is BINDING.

You can contact the administrator at admin@yamahaenduro.com

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